Life Style

Family Life

Children in Zulu families are always taught to respect their elders. The only people they treat as equals are those of the same age and sex.

At the age of seven, children are arranged into age-sets. Boys begin helping their fathers with the cattle and goat herding. Older boys help with milking. Girls clean the huts, collect water and help their mothers tend the fields.

The children are taught their tribe’s traditions through story-telling.

At the age of about 11 boys start to look after the cattle by themselves and the girls cook and clean and look after their siblings.

At the age of 14 or 15 girls can be married. At the same age boys leave their family huts to join their regiment.


Zulu’s generally live in a homestead. It consists of two concentric circles with houses in the outer ring and cattle and goods in the inner one.