Buthelezi Tribe



Title: Inkosi (Chief) Religion: Anglican
State: South Africa (kwaZulu-Natal) Dynasty: Buthelezi
Present Ruler: Inkosi Dr. Mangosuthu Gatsha BUTHELEZI (1953/-) 
born 27 August 1928, Mahlabathini, KwaZulu, educated at Impumalanga Primary School, Mahashini, Nongoma 1933/1943, Adams College, Amanzimtoti 1944/47; University of Fort Hare, Alice 1948/50 (BA); Member of the National Assembly of the South African Government 1994/-; President, Inkatha Freedom Party; Minister of Home Affairs in the South African Government 1994/-;  Clerk, Bantu Administration, Durban 1951/52; Clerk, Cowley & Cowley, Durban 1952; Acting Chief, Buthelezi Tribe, Mahlabathini 1953/57, fully recognized Chief 1957/-; Chief Executive Officer, the Zulu Territorial Authority, Nongoma 1970/72; Chief Executive Councillor, KwaZulu Legislative Assembly 1972/76; Chief Minister of KwaZulu 1976/94). Memberships and Offices, include: African National Congress Youth League 1948/50, Zululand Diocesan Standing Committee 1957/74, Council of St. Peter’s Seminary, C.P. 1961/63, Chairman, Mashonangashoni Regional Authority 1968/75, Chancellor, Institute for Industrial Education 1971/77, Synthesis (non-party, non-racial, political study group) (since 1971), Chairman, Asset Trust Fund (American South African Study Educational Trust) (since 1971), Inanda Seminary Government Council 1972/75, President, Inkatha ye Nkuleleko ye Sizwe (became Inkatha Freedom Party in 1990) (since 1975), Patron L.E.A.R.N. Fund (since 1975), Chairman, Buthelezi Tribal Authority (since 1975), President, KwaZulu Conservation Trust (since 1977), Chancellor, University of Zululand (1979), President, Rhino and Elephant Foundation of Southern Africa. Author of a number of published works. Recipient of the Knight Commander of the Star of Africa, for outstanding leadership, Liberia 1975, French National Order of Merit 1981, King’s Cross Award by HM King Zwelithini Goodwill ka Bhekuzulu, Ulundi 1989, as well as a number of Honourary Doctorates in Law, married 2nd July 1952, Irene Audrey Thandekile Mzila, and has issue, three sons and four daughters.

  • Inkosi Nelisuzulu Benedict Buthelezi, born 21st March 1951, died 24th April 2004 at King George V Hospital in Durban, buried 30th April 2004 at kwaPhindangene in Mahlabathini in northern KwaZulu-Natal.
  • Inkosi Lethuxolo Buthelezi
  • Princess Zuzifa Buthelezi, born 1955.
  • Princess Sibuyiselwe Angela Buthelezi
  • Princess Mabhuku Snikwakonke Buthelezi, died 1966, aged 9 years.
  • Princess Ntuthukoyeziwe Buthelezi
  • Inkosi Phumaphesheya Buthelezi
  • Princess Phumzile Buthelezi
  • Princess Mandisi Sibukakonke Buthelezi, died 5th August 2004 aged 48.


Predecessors and Short History:Rulers were…

  • Inkosi SHENGE kaNdaba, first recorded Chief of the Buthelezi
  • Inkosi NGWANE kaShenge, had issue.
    • Inkosi PHUNGASHE kaNgwane (qv)
    • Mvulane kaNgwane, had issue.
    • Khoboyela kaMvulane, had issue.
      • Inkosi KLWANA kaKhoboyela (qv)
    • Inkosi NGQENGELELE kaMvulane (qv)
  • Mncongo kaNgwane, had issue.
    • Mgwajonqoshololo kaMncongo, had issue.
      • Khiphakonke Moses Buthelezi, married Khishiwe Christine Msomi and had issue.
      • Sipho Immanuel Buthelezi
    • Cole kaNgwane
    • Mpundulwana kaNgwane, had issue.
      • Nguqa kaMpundulwana, had issue.
        • Ngambisa kaNguqa, had issue.
          • Mfihleni kaNgambisa
    • Shabeni kaNgwane, had issue.
      • Nokhokhela kaShabeni
  • Inkosi PHUNGASHE kaNgwane -/1820’s, had issue.
    • Sikluve kaPhungashe, had issue.
      • Mkhonto kaSikluve
    • Mevana kaPhungashe
    • Lubisi kaPhungashe
    • Matshubhana kaPhungashe, had issue.
      • Malahle kaMatshubhana
    • Khaliphile kaPhungashe
    • Msicwa kaPhungashe, had issue.
      • Mandulo kaMsicwa, had issue.
        • Mthunzini kaMandulo, had issue.
          • Zakhele kaMthunzi Buthelezi, died 1976.
  • Inkosi NGQENGELELE kaMvulane 1820’s/c1839, married (amongst others) Phangela of Sibiya, and had issue. He died c1839.
    • Inkosi MNYAMANA kaNgqengelele (qv)
    • Somfongoza kaNgqengelele
    • Mzilikazi kaNgqengelele
    • Santinge kaNgqengelele
  • Inkosi KLWANA kaKhoboyela c1839/c1840, had issue.
    • Bantubensumo kaKlwana, born c1834, had issue.
      • Mshikila kaBentubensumo, had issue.
        • Nkosiyenhliziyo Buthelezi
    • Magamudele kaKlwana
  • Inkosi MNYAMANA kaNgqengelele c1840/1892 (son of Phangela), born 1809/1813, Prime Minister to Cetshwayo, married and had issue. He died 29th July 1892.
    • Inkosi TSHANIBEZWE kaMnyamana (qv)
    • Mtumengana kaMnyamana, killed at Isandlwana 22nd January 1879.
    • Mkhandumba kaMnyamana
    • Mbulawa kaMnyamana, had issue.
      • Daughter, married Inggonyama SOLOMON NKAYISHANA MAPHUMUZANA of kwaZulu.
    • Ndulungu kaMnyamana
    • Muzimubi kaMnyamana
  • Inkosi TSHANIBEZWE kaMnyamana 1892/1906, had issue. He died 1906.
    • Inkosi Mathole BUTHELEZI (qv)
    • Maliyamakhanda Buthelezi
  • ….
  • Inkosi Mathole BUTHELEZI 1920/1942, Prime Minister to King Solomon kaDinizulu 1925/1933 and Prime Minister during the Interregnum during the Regency of his younger brother-in-law, Prince Mshiyeni kaDinizulu who acted during the minority of the heir to the throne – Prince Cyprian Bhekuzulu, married (amongst others) (a) 1926 Princess Constance Magogo Sibilile Zulu (1899-1984), daughter of Inggonyama DINIZULU kaCetshwayo of kwaZulu, and had issue. He died 1942.
    • Mceleli Buthelezi, eldest son of the first wife, fl.1960.
    • Morjinah Buthelezi, married Doctor Dotwana.
    • Inkosi Dr. Mangosuthu Gatsha BUTHELEZI (by Princess Magogo) (qv)
  • …….
  • Inkosi Dr. Mangosuthu Gatsha BUTHELEZI (see above)

Other Members:

  • Charles Mbomboshe Buthelezi, died 24th December 1996, buried 11th January 1997 at Orlando West.